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UKOUG 2008 - day 0 | ORA600
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UKOUG 2008 - day 0

It's almost 3'o clock at night - I arrived earlier today in Birmingham.

By sheer luck - both me and Doug Burns arrived at the Jury's Inn at the same time... needless to say ... we ended up in the hotel bar 5min later where we joined the Pythian crew (including Paul Vallee!).

I gave Doug an ORA600 polo shirt 3y ago - and I noticed the print is totally worn off ... funny enough, it actually works as a gimmick ... it encountered severe corruption. Wink

 doug & paul

Here's a picture of Doug & Paul


Anyway - It's great to be here again - but as it happens I got called for a recovery emergency and I'll probably be working all night ...


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