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Taking another blow in the face

Well well well - I reckon this month is 'poke the belgian in the face' month !

I knew my last post was going to be trouble ;-) That'll teach me (I'm sure a lot of people are having a laugh now!)
I kind of suspected someone, somewhere in the world would be offended by it. The world has become a small place, and cultures differ.

Hey, I like to eat horse meat stew with my fries and mayonnaise on the side - I know this is completely not done in some parts of the world - some prefer ketchup Innocent

In parts of the world it's perfectly legal to carry guns and it's part of their legacy, it's part of their constitution - so I respect that.

What I don't like is my situation being exploited by certain people who are frustrated with the UKOUG.

This certain person - who we will give the fictional name 'Dom' - turns my small incident into a 'vicious attack'… man - I'm lucky to be alive if I read all this. He then goes on into explaining, 'how everybody is against Americans'… he and his wife were verbally threatened when they were once abroad (they were called 'yanks').

Well - what can I say - I'm pretty sure that's not a pleasant situation when you're in a foreign country, I can't deny that. But I actually happen to like Americans as some of my best and dearest friends are yanks  ;-)  (Which is not an offensive word where I come from - but again cultures differ)

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