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AXI at Ostend new year's plunge

It's been freezing here for the last two weeks … the hardest and longest since 1993 (where are those green guys now, telling me about cutting my engine power because of global warming ?).

Anyway - the company I work for - AXI, an Oracle partner in Belgium and The Netherlands - decided to take part in the new year's plunge in Ostend.
Yes - you read it right - not a plunge in the sea at sunny Cape Town,  or Sidney Australia - but in freezing Ostend.

Of course this is not healthy at all - many doctors warned about it.
"The freezing cold is bad for heart and blood vessels. A big change in pressure or big changes in temperature can result in sudden heart failure, while it is dangerous for the lungs too."

Once that hit the news - and once a similar event was canceled in Holland - I knew the Belgian event would hit a larger crowd than ever, because idiots as we are, we want to prove everybody wrong. And 6500 idiots actually went into the sea.

Me and the wife, both tactical thinkers, decided it was more opportune to provide for the catering and marketing material. And as news crews would be on site, we decided to bring along a 2 by 3 meters ( or that's 6.5 by 10 feet ) flag. We had a small logistical problem as we needed to find poles to keep it stretched and … not entirely unimportant, could fit in our car. So we ended up buying some retractable poles - originally intended for fishing nets - from a fishing shop Laughing
I must say - the company name was extremely visible even in between a crowd of more than 6000 Wink
Our first mission was accomplished.

It is an unwritten rule that if you do something crazy and irresponsive as diving into 3°C sea water at freezing temperature, that you should drink some alcohol afterwards to … warm you up. It's the logical thing to do (if you're going for a heart attack, you should go all the way) And the weapon of choice around this time of the year is … jenever

Because me and the wife were providing for the catering, I was dragging along a backpack with 8 bottles of jenever… this meant I had … a god-like status - I was Bacchus himself Cool

Anyway - here are some snapshots

AXI group photo

Marketing at it's finest


The smartest guy of the group - Bacchus, god of jenever and marketing materials - all warm and fully clothed !

kurt van meerbeeck

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