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OOW2008 Highlight

OOW2008 highlight

I know, I know - many will consider the launch of HP Oracle Exadata storage server as the highlight of OOW2008.
I agree - it looks pretty exiting if you are running a datawarehouse firing a gazillion pq slaves at it. It put a smile
on my face to see that one of the beta testers was the ABSA bank in South Africa as I had worked on their datawarehouse 8years ago.
My buddy Kugendran was one of the lead DBA's.

Anyway - *the* highlight for me was the fact that Oracle had gotten their cool back.
For years now - I think, it started around the last OOW in Europe - it was Paris in 2003 - Oracle have produced lame white T-shirts and polo shirts.
I don't know who's in charge of their clothing line (if you can call it that) - but wake up and smell the coffee... no self-respecting DBA dares showing up at work with a white and red t-shirt with a massive bulls-eye logo to top it off.
Clearly, from a marketing perspective, the goal of giving away (who would buy them?) such shirts, is that people would wear them and thus, promote your product.
It got even worse when they thought - 'hey - this fleece is so white and bright, let's make it completely red!'.
Now - unless there's an Alfa Romeo logo on that fleece ... who would wear it?

As an experiment, Doug Burns, tried on one of these Alfa red fleeces at OOW2007.
Clearly, as shown on the picture below, some people were utterly shocked.
The girl's reaction - on the right - tells it all (and no - she is not dancing ... she's is starting a sprint)

OOW2007 red fleece

So, I was pretty amazed Oracle marketing has finally turned 180° on this.
Did they buy over a marketing company we didn't know about ... quite possible.
Just look at how stylish and cool the OOW2008 fleeces are :

OOW2008 black fleece

That just says - watch out, I'm the DBA, don't mess with me or I'll turn you into a little korn shell script !
That's the look we want !

Because a picture says more then words, let's just look at a couple more examples, shall we ?

When OTN just started - I think it was around '97 or '98, they gave away some real cool t-shirts.
In fact, I have 2 of them and I used to wear them all the time. Because they are so worn down, any normal person would have thrown them away by now.
Not me - I still use them when I'm working outside

otn t-shirt front

otn t-shirt back

This t-shirt was so cool, all my neighbours are now a member of technet (even though they are retired and don't know what Oracle is!). This is the power of marketing.


The people from Miracle also know this power, and have been known to produce subzero cool t-shirts.
Just look at this fine example of Miracle's Downtime Management High Performance Bootcamp t-shirt.
Nothing is too much for Mogens and his crew - they even personalised my shirt by changing the catch phrase 'Ask me if I can restore MY data ... anytime!' into the classic 'Ask me if I can restore YOUR data ... anytime!'
I don't see Larry doing this for you !

Miracle front

Miracle back

Mind you  - grey is the new black !

And to end this post - here are some examples how it's *not* done :

no no no

no no no

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That red and white AS one is hideous, though ...

isn't it?

That red and white AS one is hideous, though ...

... needless to say - I have two of those (apparently they have a big stock left ... don't know how that happened) ... and never wore them Wink

Do keep up, Koert!

That wonderful black garment isn't the OOW 2008 edition. Everyone who becomes an ACE receives one of those (so you still have a chance).

This year's garment is also black, though, and you're right to identify this as *the* higlight of the conference.

P.S. Last year's and this years OTN Lounge T-Shirt were also both black and pretty good. All you need to do is visit the lounge. That surely has to be worth another trip to SF next year ;-)

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