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ORA600 Aggregator mobile theme

I caved in ... I bought an iPhone.

I still think the price is a total rip-off here in Belgium - and there's a 6 week waiting list.

All because in Belgium force bundling sales are not allowed. This makes the iPhone simlock free but it comes at a price.

Anyway - when I looked at the news aggregator, I thought I could do better and so the aggregator now detects mobile browsers and switches to a mobile theme. The implementation uses an mobile theme, a browser detection (browscap), a themeswitcher and the iWebKit. The implementation was done in 15min all because of the drupal framework Cool. I wonder how long this would take in Apex - or god forbid Portal !

When I started this site, and needed to pick a framework, I was favoring Apex because I knew it already. And I have some experience with Oracle Portal. However, the problem we were having at a customer site with Portal (or apex) and search engine optimisation (SEO), drove me into drupal which does a great job in SEO. It did involve learning php (but I already knew perl really well) and ofcourse the drupal hook api (which is really another way of thinking and programming). But the payoff comes with all free modules that you can find on the internet and build new functionality in a matter of minutes !!!



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I'm also a fan of both Drupal and APEX, with the same conclusion that Drupal is fantastic for public Web implementations...but I look forward to the "Plugins" capability of APEX 4.0

See DUDE primer for info

Product is discontinued.