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IMP-00020: long column too large for column buffer size (22) during import using imp | ORA600
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IMP-00020: long column too large for column buffer size (22) during import using imp

When you encounter the following error while import using imp :

IMP-00020: long column too large for column buffer size (22)

IMP-00028: partial import of previous table rolled back: 36972 rows rolled back

Import terminated successfully with warnings.


Check the dude.log for this table - check if there were 'Fractured block' warnings while dump the table.

If so, the block is corrupted - either :

- dump to flatfile - load using sqlldr. sqlldr will skip the corrupted rows and load the rest of the data

- set SKIP_FRACTURED_BLOCK="true" - and redump to dmp. This will skip the complete block, losing more data, but resulting in a correct DMP file




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