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Month of September, 2009 | ORA600
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Month of September, 2009

Oracle Performance Firefighting

I've been  - and still am - very busy lately. 

However, when I saw Coskan's review of Craig Shallahamer's book, Oracle Performance Firefighting, it reminded me of the fact that I had put this topic on my blog todo list.


Oracle Performance Firefighting

But unlike the other topics on my list, I really wanted to get this one out first.

It's been a while since I've been so excited about a book.

Craig is the guy behind Orapub and also the author of Forecasting Oracle Performance.

I'm a bottom-up learner - like bottom-up parsers (as opposed to top-down parsers) I like to get my facts as detailed as possible and then work my way up to more general topics. For example, when I learned my backup & recovery skills, I learned about block internals first as opposed to diving in all sorts of high level commands.

This means I really appriciate books like Steve Adams' Oracle8i internals, James Morle's Scaling Oracle8i or Bach's all time classic Design of the Unix OS.

I think Craig's new book fits right in there.

I found out about the book a couple of months ago as Daniel Fink told me he was reviewing this book - I immediately ordered it on Craig's site before it was available on Amazon.

I must admit, I've only read chapters 6, 7 and 8 - covering buffer cache internals, redo internals and shared pool internals. These are 3 chapters every dba should read !!! Those 3 chapters are worth the price on their own !

So if you're buying only one Oracle book this year - buy this one !!!

And while you're buying books, get Christian Antognini's Troubleshooting Oracle Performance too ! 


PS - for the fans of Oracle Insights - tales of the Oaktable - TOTOT2 is on it's way !

See DUDE primer for info

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