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I have received a DUDE.tar file - now what ? | ORA600
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I have received a DUDE.tar file - now what ?


  1. extract the tar file into a directory
    • windows : winrar or winzip can do this
    • unix/linux : tar -xvf DUDE.tar
  2. create a DUDE config file - click here for more information on the config file
  3. place the config file in the same directory as the dude.class file
  4. make sure you have java installed (you'll need at least version 1.4.x)
    • download java here
  5. open a dos/cmd box (windows) or terminal and go to the directory where you've extracted the tar file
  6. startup DUDE
    • java -Xmx256m dude
  7. if the dude.class can not be found set the CLASSPATH env variable
    • on windows  : set CLASSPATH=.;%CLASSPATH%
    • on unix/linux : CLASSPATH=.:$CLASSPATH ; export CLASSPATH
  8. perform a blockscan on SYSTEM
    • DUDE> create blockmap for tablespace SYSTEM ;
    • always put a whitespace before the semi-colon ';'
    • tablespace names are CASE SENSITIVE
  9. now you can dump the dictionary
    • DUDE>dump dictionary ;
  10. and load the dictionary in DUDE
    • DUDE>create dictionary ;
  11. test the dictionary by describing some objects
    • DUDE>show table SCOTT EMP ;
    • (owner and tablenames are always UPPERCASE)
    • DUDE>show users ;
  12. If this all went well, you're ready for the next step
    • create a blockmap for all other tablespaces
    • DUDE>create blockmap for tablespace USERS ;
  13. Once you have created a blockmap for a tablespace, you can unload data from it :
    • DUDE>dump tablespace USERS ;
  14. You can also unload schema's - however you should first create blockmaps of all tablespaces containing schema objects before doing so :
    • DUDE>dump user SCOTT ;


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See DUDE primer for info

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